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Camera Man Composing a shot for some Ford commercials shot on location in North Carolina.
Documentary Editing An offline editing session for a documentary I made on the drug crisis at several high schools in PA. The Documentery won two J.P. Connelly awards. Image & Article
Chef Jamie The Gourmet! Actually, I was guest Chef on "What's Cooking Betty", a cooking show that I produced and directed.
The Famous Arp Brothers Ah...The Famous Arp Brothers!. Actually this is a pic from our family christmas card back in 1972. That's my brother Dave (on the right) and myself (left).
Mr. Talent The man that started all of this. My Father Dave Sr. doing his thing a couple of years ago. Okay it was the Seventees or couldn't you tell. Back then he was known as Mr. Talent!
Dad & Capt. Kirk Another Vintage Mr. Talent pic... seen here with Captain Kirk (William Shatner)! This was from a taping of an ABC special called "Space Age".
Recording sound at the Vet. Here's Dave and I recording sound effects for a football video game at the Vet. In this game the Eagles took on the Colts...and lost (which made for good boos).
The iNOIZ Brothers Brother Dave and I after returning from an investor meeting where we raised 1.2 million in seed money for (later aquired by eCorporation).
iNOIZ Screen Shot Here's a screen shot of the login page for iNOIZ at launch time.
iNOIZ Team 1 The iNOIZ crew at 2000 Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California. We were the talk of the show!
iNOIZ Team 2 The iNOIZ crew, this time at the 2000 AES (Audio Engineers Society) trade show in Los Angelas, California.
Jamie and Dave with Alan Howarth Being a Halloween movie fan, this was a great honor. Here Dave and I are with award winning composer and sound designer, Alan Howarth. Totally great guy.
Here with Patrick Moraz Patrick Moraz of the Moody Blues is a great family friend. Whenever they were touring, we all jumped in the stationwagon and went to the Civic Center to catch their show. Here I am with Patrick and buddy, Glenn Duquette.
The Copenhagen The Frankfurt Messa - the largest music trade show in the world. This is a project that was a great pleasure to work on. An incredible digital performance piano with a touch screen in the music rack. Developed by Sound Werx.
Here's a nice article I was in for iNOIZ:Electronic Musician- Mar 1, 2001
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